Nancy Mitford's The Pursuit of Love being re-issued by Penguin on June 7th 2018.

It can be pre-ordered from this amazon link


December 2015 will mark the 70th anniversary of Hamish Hamilton's first publication of The Pursuit of Love, and they will be reissuing Nancy's backlist to celebrate this.

DontTellAlfred_COV.jpg LoveInAColdClimate.jpg The_Blessing_COV.jpg TheCompleteNovels_COV.jpg ThePursuitOfLove_COV.jpg WigsOnTheGreen_COV.jpg

Recently re-issued by Random House.

highland_fling_new.jpg pigeonpie_new.jpg

Highland Fling, Pigeon Pie, A Talent to Annoy and Christmas Pudding have all been re-released by Capuchin Classics.

007_Highland_Fling.gif pigeon_pie.jpg a_talent_to_annoy_cover.jpg christmaspudding.jpg

Madame de Pompadour, The Sun King, Voltaire in Love and Frederick the Great have been re-issued by Vintage.

madame_de_pompadour.jpg the_sun_king.jpg voltaire_in_love.jpg frederick_the_great.jpg

The Penguin Complete Novels of Nancy Mitford has been re-issued by Random House.



Wigs on the Green, which has been out-of-print since 1935, and four of 
Nancy's other novels have been re-issued by Random House.


 wigs_on_the_green.gif the_pursuit_of_love.gif love_in_a_cold_climate.gif the_blessing.gif donttellafred.jpg