THE BOOKSHOP AT 10 CURZON STREET: Letters Between Nancy Mitford and Heywood Hill, edited by John Saumarez Smith


Date of First Publication: 2004

Nancy Mitford worked at Heywood Hill’s Mayfair bookshop from to 1942 to 1945. After Nancy moved to Paris, she and Heywood continued to write to each other and their exchange of letters is alive with gossip about friends, new books and the shop’s many and varied customers.


‘On every page there is at least one
thought-provoking insight into life or literature
and probably a laugh-out-loud
moment for good measure.’
Country Life

(Nancy Mitford to Heywood Hill, 2 July 1953) 
‘I’ve got a luncheon party today. Violet [Trefusis] arrived for it yesterday – I was eating a little bit of fish. I said you must go away, but she tottered to the table, scooped up all the fish & all the potatoes, left half & threw the cigarette ash over it. – I could have killed her. Lady Montdore exactly.’